Zonefox defends your data by monitoring every endpoint and every user 24/7, so whether employees are working remotely off-network, or 3rd party vendors are sharing your data with people they shouldn’t be, ZoneFox gives you complete visibility into activity around your sensitive data.

Zonefox gives an organisation situational awareness of insider user behaviours that could result in data or policy breaches.  These could result in considerable intellectual asset loss, reputational or compliance implications. Until now, high data volumes have prevented businesses from taking a complete recording of all activities on a computer system for security analytics.

  • A smart lightweight agent (supported on Windows, Mac and Linux endpoints and SQL Server databases) securely collects continuous activity from the endpoint whether on- or offline.  This monitors activity in real time from the moment of successful installation.
  • All activity is analysed by a collector server (deployable on premise or in your cloud), applying big data and machine learning techniques to make sense of the data, trigger rule-based alerts and spot anomalies overlooked by humans.
  • Alerting, reporting and management is achieved through a web-based GUI. Events can also be sent to existing reporting engines.