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Get Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) for advanced security

Let us help you deliver and implement a zero trust network access (ZTNA) model as a core component of your security transformation. Get greater control and protection by preventing malware, phishing, and data exfiltration attacks with Zero Trust Security.
As a specialist Netskope partner we'll help you deploy a unified SASE-ready security service edge (SSE) platform to reduce risk, increase business agility, and lower costs. Giving you the Zero Trust Network Security your business needs.

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What is ZTNA?

Chances are you’ve heard the term “SASE” and “Zero Trust”. In short Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a  strategy that assumes that individuals, devices, and services that are attempting to access company resources, even those inside the network, cannot automatically be trusted.

Zero Trust – Access Verification

To give give you greater protection and enhanced security these users are verified every time they request access to your network, even if they were authenticated earlier.

And at EveryCloud we have the products and services to help you fulfil a Zero Trust solution and give you more control.

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The benefits of ZTNA

ZTNA to Private Applications
ZTNA provides access to private applications, not the network. With granular application level access control policies, trust is granted based on user identity, group membership, and the security posture of the devices.

Superior UX With Direct & Fast Connectivity
Bypass complex network routing and boost user productivity with fast and frictionless connectivity to applications. Leverage NewEdge security private cloud, a high performance, highly available, and extensively peered with cloud service providers.

Reduce Attack Surface
Enhance security posture and reduce overall attack surface by eliminating the exposure of protocols and services to the public internet.

Simplify Operations
Built on the Netskope SASE platform that unifies ZTNA, CASB, SWG, and Cloud Security Firewall with one client, one policy engine with added ease of management, and visibility.

Zero Access from Netskope

At EveryCloud we are proud to offer best-of-breed cloud security solutions, that's why we partner with Netskope, global leaders in Zero Trust and SASE.

See how you can set up a zero trust and private access network with Netskope's ZTNA solution.

How ZTNA - Zero Trust can benefit:

Network transformation

Network transformation enables direct to cloud with multi-factor authentication (MFA), zero trust network access (ZTNA), and SD-WAN, and provides a fast experience for any user, device, or location.

Security transformation

Security transformation adopts a cloud-hosted SSE platform to define explicit trust parameters for data and threat protection with the ability to inspect web, SaaS, and IaaS traffic and also and validate a good security posture

App transformation

App transformation understands trust baselines for applications, users, devices, and company versus personal instances for adaptive policy controls based on context

Data transformation

Data transformation refines trust posture for advanced data protection in-motion, in-use, and at-rest by detecting behavior anomalies and data movement informed with analytics.

Netskope Private Access

Secure application access from anywhere

Zero Trust Network Access to private applications and data in hybrid IT (public cloud and data centre) environments. It is an integral capability of the Netskope Security Cloud and offers seamless connectivity for authenticated users, supports any application and protocol, reduces business risk, and simplifies IT infrastructure.

Zero Trust Network Access for private applications

Provide authorised users with access to their applications – not the whole network – and protect private applications and other network assets from malicious insiders or compromised accounts.

Connect directly to public cloud applications

Connect remote workers directly to applications hosted in public cloud and private data centres using Netskope’s globally hosted network of PoPs. This provides an architecturally elegant and low-latency end user experience for accessing private applications.

Phase out legacy VPN remote access

Retire legacy VPN hardware and enable a move towards a cloud-first security architecture. Phase out the capital investment, refresh cycles, and ongoing management costs of VPN appliances.

Protect private applications and resources

Ensure that private applications hosted in public and private cloud are never exposed to the Internet. Avoid brand damage, fines, and remediation costs associated with a breach of a private application hosted in the cloud.

Seamless and transparent user experience

Use a unified, lightweight client, to provide users with simultaneous access to all of their applications deployed across public cloud and data centres without the hassle of connecting and reconnecting to various VPN gateways.

Begin your transformation to a SASE

Use a single administrative console for simplified policy management, analytics and incident investigation for employee use of web, cloud and private applications. Move towards the cloud-based future of network security – Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between ZTNA and SASE?

Both SASE and ZTNA are important components of modern security cloud architecture, they are however two different solutions.

SASE provides a comprehensive, multi-faceted security framework, while ZTNA is a more focused model on limiting resource access and ensuring verification and authentication to network access, which is a part of SASE.

Does ZTNA work with Microsoft 365?

Yes it does. Our solution from Netskope is specifically built to work with Microsoft 365. You’ll possibly have colleagues, partners and clients currently accessing your Microsoft 365 applications and data. With ZTNA you can employ a Zero Trust strategy which will mean that users can be better controlled and your data better protected.

Speak to one of our Zero Trust experts to give you more details on how this can work with your Microsoft 365 network, or indeed any software applications you use.

Is ZTNA better than using a VPN? What's the difference?

ZTNA has lower latency than VPN because it does not require all traffic to be routed through a centralised gateway or server. Instead, ZTNA uses distributed gateways that are closer to the user and the resources they are accessing. This reduces the distance that traffic has to travel, which improves performance.

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