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Transform your network with secure SD-Wan

At EveryCloud we offer SD-WAN solutions to deliver secure and resilient connectivity to today's cloud-centric businesses. Working with Netskope we can transform your network to a secure, reliable connectivity for every site, cloud and remote user that simplifies operations and preserves network performance.

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What is SD-Wan

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a technology that allows for the management and optimisation of a wide area network (WAN) through software, rather than through hardware-based network devices.

SD-WAN allows for more flexibility and cost savings from internet bandwidth economics, increased business value from agility, as well as improved network performance. SD-WAN uses a variety of techniques such as traffic steering, encryption, and quality of service (QoS) to optimise and secure WAN connections, such as broadband and mobile. It is often used by enterprise organisations with multiple branch offices to connect to a central location.

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SD-WAN solution

Multiple SD-Wan solutions

Let us help you deploy the best SD-WAN solution for your needs

  • Secure SD-WAN: Redefine SD-WAN for the cloud-first world, with AI-driven operations, Netskope Zero Trust Engine context-aware smart engine, and security that is integrated, not bolted-on.
  • Endpoint SD-WAN: Industry’s most innovative all-software client that brings SD-WAN capabilities to provide secure, optimised access to endpoint devices from anywhere.
  • Micro Branch: Smart workspaces for employees working remotely. Unparalleled connectivity, zero trust security, and edge compute capabilities for your remote-first environments.
  • Wireless WAN: Get ahead of long broadband installation lead times, complex network setup, and hard-to-connect legacy equipment by using cloud-managed secure, performant, flexible Wireless WAN.
  • Multi-Cloud Networking: Extend Borderless SD-WAN to major public cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud using automated cloud operations. Instantly gain deep analytics across your multi-cloud environment using policy-aware Netskope Intelligent SSE.

SD-WAN from Netskope

At EveryCloud we proudly offer best-of-breed security solutions, that's why we partner with Netskope, they have multiple SD-WAN solutions including borderless SD-WAN.

Our experienced tech team can help you chose and deploy the ideal SD-WAN solution for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a Firewall with SD-WAN?

Yes, you still need a firewall with SD-WAN. While SD-WAN solutions often include built-in security features, these features may not be enough to protect your network from all threats. A dedicated firewall can provide additional security features, such as intrusion prevention systems (IPS), deep packet inspection (DPI), and web filtering.

How Does SD-WAN actually work?

SD-WAN works by creating a virtual overlay network that connects multiple locations over a variety of transport links, such as the Internet, MPLS, and LTE. The SD-WAN controller then intelligently routes traffic across the overlay network based on business policies, such as application performance and security requirements.

Here is a simplified overview of how SD-WAN works:

  1. The SD-WAN controller discovers all of the devices and links on the network.
  2. The SD-WAN controller creates a virtual overlay network that connects all of the devices and links.
  3. The SD-WAN controller configures the devices on the network to route traffic over the virtual overlay network.
  4. The SD-WAN controller monitors the network traffic and makes adjustments to the routing configuration as needed.

Can SD-WAN cut costs and improve security?

SD-WAN can provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved application performance: SD-WAN can steer traffic over the best available link, which can improve application performance.
  • Increased network resilience: SD-WAN can provide multiple paths between locations, which can improve network resilience in the event of an outage.
  • Reduced costs: SD-WAN can help to reduce costs by using the Internet as a primary transport link.
  • Improved security: SD-WAN can provide security features such as encryption and intrusion prevention.

Overall, SD-WAN is a powerful tool that can help businesses to improve the performance, resilience, cost, and security of their networks

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