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Secure the cloud, web & private apps

The Next Generation of Cloud Security is Here

We've got the right cloud security solutions for your business. Partnering with Netskope, we assist you to govern your business’ cloud usage with visibility and control. We'll help you to understand risky activity, protect and prevent the loss of sensitive data and guard against cloud-based security threats such as malware and ransomware from anywhere on any device.

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Your data is in the cloud, your security should be too.

The normal way of working is no more. EveryCloud, partnering with Netskope, help to empower businesses with the right balance of protection and speed they need to enable business and secure their digital transformation journey.

Cloud Security UK

Cloud Security solutions for your business


Next Gen secure web gateway (Next Gen SWG) is cloud-native and prevents threats, protects data, filters websites, and controls cloud apps to protect data and users in all locations on any device.

Private Access

Cloud-native Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution that provides secure access to private applications in the public cloud and data centres.


The market-leading CASB solution which secures cloud applications by providing advanced data protection, threat detection, and adaptive access policy control.

Public Cloud Security (IAAS)

Gain the visibility and control you need across your multi-cloud environments to maintain best practices and standards compliance.

Secure Web Gateway

Netskope’s Next Generation SWG

Netskope’s Next Generation SWG is a cloud-based cloud security solution that prevents and protects against malware, detects advanced threats, filters by category, protects data and controls app use for any user, location, device.

Visibility & Control

Achieve unmatched inline visibility and control of web traffic, including thousands of managed and unmanaged cloud services and apps.

Multi-Layer Defenses

Prevent and detect a wide variety of threats leveraging cloud services and apps for multi-stage delivery that most defence systems miss.

Advanced Data Loss Protection (DLP)

Use advanced DLP rules and policies to prevent data exposure and leaks across cloud services, apps, and web traffic.

Advanced Web Analytics & Reporting

Cloud XD synthesises and distills web activity into user site and page visits to help security teams focus on what they need for investigations.

Direct-to-internet coverage

Provide direct to internet access for remote offices with IPsec and GRE tunnels, plus remote and mobile users.

SSL/TLS inspection at cloud scale

Use elastic on-demand cloud resources to inspect encrypted traffic, including TLS 1.3, natively at scale

What is Next Generation Secure Web Gateway?

A Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is a new cloud-native solution for protecting enterprises from the growing volume of sophisticated cloud enabled threats and data risks. It…

What is a Next Generation Secure Web Gateway?

What is a Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG)? A Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is a new cloud-native solution for protecting enterprises from the growing…
Cloud Security

Shift your Web Security to the Cloud, for the Cloud

As enterprises embrace digital transformation, the adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) is robust with nearly 1,295 apps and cloud services on average being used in a…
Netskope Private Access

Get the right CASB solution for your business

EveryCloud can help you Confidently adopt cloud applications and services – without sacrificing security. Manage the unintentional or unapproved movement of sensitive data between cloud app instances and in the context of app risk and user risk with Netskope CASB, a core component of Security Service Edge (SSE).

Zero Trust Network Access for private applications

Provide authorised users with access to their applications – not the whole network – and protect private applications and other network assets from malicious insiders or compromised accounts.

Connect directly to public cloud applications

Connect remote workers directly to applications hosted in public cloud and private data centres using Netskope’s globally hosted network of PoPs. This provides an architecturally elegant and low-latency end user experience for accessing private applications.

Phase out legacy VPN remote access

Retire legacy VPN hardware and enable a move towards a cloud-first security architecture. Phase out the capital investment, refresh cycles, and ongoing management costs of VPN appliances.

Protect private applications and resources

Ensure that private applications hosted in public and private cloud are never exposed to the Internet. Avoid brand damage, fines, and remediation costs associated with a breach of a private application hosted in the cloud.

Seamless and transparent user experience

Use a unified, lightweight client, to provide users with simultaneous access to all of their applications deployed across public cloud and data centres without the hassle of connecting and reconnecting to various VPN gateways.

Begin your transformation to a SASE

Use a single administrative console for simplified policy management, analytics and incident investigation for employee use of web, cloud and private applications. Move towards the cloud-based future of network security – Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

Log4j Vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228)

As many of you will be aware, a recent and severe vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) of the Apache Log4j Java logging library between versions 2.0 and 2.14.1…
Cloud Security

Securing Remote Workers With Netskope

Employees are increasingly working from locations outside of the traditional corporate network environment. These remote workers bypass traditional perimeter-based security controls, leaving organisations exposed and…
Cloud Security

Netskope Private Access

Top Case Uses At A Glance • Provide remote users with secure zero trust access to authorised applications, not your entire network • Deliver a…
Cloud Access Security Broker

Confidently adopt cloud applications and services – without sacrificing security (CASB).

Enables you to quickly identify and manage the use of cloud applications, regardless of whether they are managed or unmanaged. Prevents sensitive data from being exfiltrated from your environment by risky insiders or malicious cybercriminals who have breached your perimeter.

Cloud app risk scoring

Netskope’s Cloud Confidence Index (CCI) can automatically audit your traffic to discover your overall risk profile across thousands of applications used within your environment. Each application is given a risk-score to help you determine the level of overall risk present and to help mitigate threats to your organisation.

Data loss protection

Customers can take advantage of Netskope’s advanced data loss protection (DLP) capabilities that look deep into content being used in the cloud. Customers can ensure the most sensitive documents and data do not leak outside your organisation by blocking unauthorised transmissions in real-time.

Granular visibility and control

Netskope Cloud gives you granular visibility and control of your cloud services. Rather than take a coarse-grained approach by blocking services entirely, Netskope gives you a deep understanding of your cloud service usage and allows you to define targeted security policies based on user, app, instance, risk, activity, and data.

Real-time enforcement

Netskope offers real-time, inline enforcement of security policies to prevent data loss and stop threats. Unlike other CASB vendors, who offer API-only deployment modes, Netskope’s Next-Gen Cloud Proxy gives customers real-time visibility and control of all cloud traffic with no trade-off between performance and security.

Streamlined operations

Identify, mitigate, and remediate insider threats, compromised accounts and privileged user threats across thousands of cloud applications within a single centralised administrative console. Simple and flexible integrations with 3rd party tools ensure that existing security investments can be leveraged, and future technologies easily added.
Cloud backup

Whitepaper: Understanding CASB in Cybersecurity

What is CASB? CASB, or Cloud Access Security Broker, is a comprehensive security technology that acts as an intermediary between an organisation's on-premises infrastructure and…

Acronyms Explained: CASB

Cloud Access Security Broker or CASB refers to a specialised security technology or service that acts as an intermediary between an organisation's internal network and…

What is a Next Generation Secure Web Gateway?

What is a Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG)? A Next Generation Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is a new cloud-native solution for protecting enterprises from the growing…
Public Cloud Security (IAAS)

Get the visibility and control you need across multi-cloud environments

Confidently adopt and secure multi-cloud services

Continuous security assessment

Use a single, intuitive console to monitor and audit the security configurations, resources, and services across your public clouds.

Insider threat protection

Stop threats and data loss from malicious insiders using a unique combination of API-enabled and inline protection.

Advanced threat protection (ATP)

Utilise multi-layer threat detection, including anti-virus, user behaviour anomaly detection, heuristic analysis, sandbox analysis, and more, to uncover advanced attacks

Data loss prevention (DLP)

Identify and prioritise active threats in AWS, Azure, and GCP, adding visibility into cloud native audit logs, VPC flow logs and other data source

Become cloud confident today.