Partnering with Cisco Umbrella, we assist business’ to block malicious internet destinations before a connection is ever established. We do this by providing a Secure Internet Gateway (SIG). A SIG is a secure onramp to the internet. Wherever users go, even when they are off the VPN, this cloud-delivered internet gateway provides safe and secure access. As internet requests are made, a SIG acts as the first line of defence and inspection.

Cisco Umbrella Overview

Cisco Umbrella Cloud Security Attack

Effective Security for the Multicloud Era

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Providing visibility, control and secure access to cloud services via a threat-focused network security platform: a firewall approach is integrated with powerful filtering capabilities to detect and block even the most sophisticated attacks, enforcing security policies at the application level as well as port and protocol level.

Web Filtering

Based on industry-leading web security policy controls ,we deliver web filtering based on up-to-date threat intelligence, delivering control over applications and protocols to stop threats in their tracks and to ensure a productive and compliant network.

Malware and Ransomware

EveryCloud will help you to locate and deal with malware and threats including viruses, advanced persistent threats (APTs), spyware, worms and ransomware. With cloud sync and share capabilities enabling malware and other threats to spread fast, real-time detection and remediation are critical to protect your corporate assets and keep employees productive.


EveryCloud can help you better protect your digital assets and reduce phishing and spear-phishing risks not least by targeting anti-phishing approaches at those most at risk, based on User Behaviour Analytics, and deploying powerful email security services.

Premium DNS

With Premium DNS capabilities we can protect your online presence, preventing hackers from intercepting personal information and from redirecting visitors to a malicious website; in a DNS cache poisoning attack, an intruder replaces a valid IP address with a rogue address, allowing malware such as a worm or spyware to be downloaded to the user’s computer.