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Okta and Zero Trust Security

The Identity Revolution

Identity And Access Management.

Identity and access management (IAM) is a system for securely initiating, storing and managing user identities and access permissions. IAM ensures that users are who they say they are (authentication) and that they can access the applications and resources they have permission to use (authorisation).

Users might be customers (customer identity management) or employees (employee identity management).

The core objective of IAM systems is one digital identity per individual. Once that digital identity has been established, it can be maintained, modified and monitored throughout each user’s “access lifecycle”.

Single Sign-On

The World Has Changed. Agility is Now Required. Okta is Modern SSO.

  • 50% reduction in login-related helpdesk calls
  • 50% faster for users to login and use new apps
  • Up to 5x faster integration of IT of acquired businesses
Always On Single Sign-on

Reliable integration for SSO to all your web and mobile apps, with a full-featured federation engine and flexible access policy.

Customisable User Experience

One, user-friendly way for end-users to access all their applications, tailored to each device and fully customisable.

Secure Directory with Integration

A flexible and secure user store, integration to AD/LDAP across multiple domains and self-service AD/LDAP password reset.

Real-time Security Reporting

Sophisticated search of real-time system log, with geolocation tracking, pre-built application access reports and integration with SIEMs.

Adaptive Authentication

Secure access for all users with two-factor authentication via Okta Verify OTP, included for all SSO customers.

Okta’s MFA solutions deliver layered defence, making it far more difficult for an unauthorised intruder to access a target such as a device, network or physical location. This security system requires more than one method of authentication from independent categories of credentials to verify a user’s identity for a login or other activity: typically what a particular user knows (e.g. password), what the user has (security token) and what the user is (biometric verification). The end result is even tighter cloud security.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure access for your entire business because 81% of data breaches involved weak or stolen credentials.

According to 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigative Report


Authentication for employees, partners, and customers accessing apps, systems, and device.


Simple for admins to deploy and maintain, without impacting end user productivity


Create intelligent policies based on login context that limit identity challenges to risky login attempts

Multi-Factor Authentication

Implement a variety of different factors for authentication across usability and assurance levels:

Knowledge factors

Based on something the user knows

Possession factors

Based on something the user has

Biometric factors

Lifecycle Management

Automate all lifecycles with any business process for external and internal users.

  • 30 min saved on every application provisioning request
  • 30 min saved on determining and configuring groups and entitlements
  • $20 per user saved in preparing for audits each year
Pre-Integrated Provisioning

Rich integrations for mastering and provisioning that support coarse-grain to fine-grain management for 120+ Applications.

Universal Directory

One place to manage all your users, groups and devices, mastered in Okta or from any number of sources.

  • Up to 5x faster integration of IT of acquired businesses
  • Eliminate helpdesk calls for AD password resets
  • $50K in cost avoided for an on-prem LDAP
Secure Directory with Integration

One place to manage all your users, groups and devices, mastered in Okta or from any number of sources.

Secure directory and authentication
  • Securely store users and passwords
  • Password policy with options for complexity
  • Group-based password policy
  • Rich attribute storage and transformation for supporting rich SAML and authorisation scenarios based on attributes

Integration to any app or directory, with lifecycle awareness and extensibility.

API Access Management

Your custom apps are increasingly modern with an API backend. Secure enterprise data and enable developers to focus on the user experience.

  • 2 weeks of developer time saved per year
  • 2 days saved of writing code for authorization policy per app / API pair
  • 100% reduction in the chance of a data breach from exposed APIs
OAuth 2.0 API Authorization

Complete standard-compliant support for OAuth 2.0.

Identity-driven Policy Engine

Control access for any type of user or service in one place.

Centralized API Administration

Create, maintain, and audit API access policies

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