Partnering with Ironscales, we assist business’ to secure their mailbox and not just their email server! We do this by offering an advanced anti-phishing threat protection platform that combines human and machine intelligence to automatically analyse, detect and remove malicious emails before and after they land in the inbox using a multi-layered and automated approach.

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156 million phishing emails sent everyday

Advanced Malware And URL/Link Protection

IronShield is a cloud-based email protection module that helps defend organisations from zero-day malware and phishing websites in real-time. Using state of the art sandbox and malicious link databases, IronShield adds another layer of advanced phishing security to the IRONSCALES platform by safeguarding users from all inbound emails.

Continuous Malware protection

IronShield’s continuous monitoring algorithm classifies emails and provides a quick verdict about which emails should be scanned.
Using a unique approach of selective scanning, orchestration & integration capabilities, IronShield promotes efficient utilization of Multi AV and sandbox resources, allowing for continuous email protection from more advanced threats.

In total, IronShield detects 2x more malicious links and attachments by incorporating intelligence from other IRONSCALES end-users and technical controls, as well as through continuous rescanning of links and attachments, even after they come back clean.

Advanced Protection Against Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Organisations around the world now face unprecedented challenges preventing, detecting and responding to modern and more sophisticated phishing attacks, such as business email compromise (BEC) and sender impersonation. Recommended BEC protection, such as DMARC, is not well adopted since it is very hard to implement and is only effective at email spoofing protection when dealing with a small subset of phishing threats.

DMARC is not Enough! The Need for Advanced Email Authentication

The email protocol was not designed with security in mind, and there is no authentication mechanism in place whatsoever.

However pseudo-authentication is now possible using ‘sender fingerprinting’, an advanced machine learning based technology that can identify the true identity of a sender. This technology was designed and built to answer a simple, yet very complicated question:

Who is sending me what?

The “Who” equates to the real identity of the sender

The “What” stands for the content and the context of this communication.

Automated Email Phishing Investigation, Orchestration & Response

Organisations of all sizes are failing to detect and respond to malicious emails delivered to employee inboxes in a timely manner. Phishing awareness training is only partially effective for email phishing protection, and when employees do spot a suspicious message they quite often lack the tools to report it. But even when such messages are reported, SOC and IT security teams have to deal with the incident analysis and response manually – a process which is too slow and too labor intensive.

In today’s phishing threat landscape, security and risk management leaders need automated email phishing protection and incident response capabilities.

Post Email Phishing Delivery Incident Response

IronTraps is the first and only automated email phishing protection, detection and incident response module, combining human intelligence with machine learning to streamline phishing incident analysis, threat intelligence gathering (forensics), orchestration and response automatically or at the click of a button.

Acting as a virtual force multiplier for IT security and managed security service providers (MSSPs), IronTraps eliminates the need for highly trained security analysts to manually deal with every email phishing threat, while reducing the time from phishing detection to remediation from weeks or months to just seconds.

Automated & Collective Phishing Campaign Detection

Since most breaches begin with advanced phishing emails, what if we could anonymously and automatically detect and share email phishing attack intelligence on the latest campaigns to reduce the success of such attacks?

Organisations of all sizes struggle to remain current with the onslaught of phishing attacks, often lacking the personnel and resources to detect, investigate and respond to suspicious emails in real-time. Current commercially available email threat feeds intended to support phishing mitigation are also outdated, inaccurate, require human analysis and contain too many false positives to be effective.
Federation automatically provides advanced detection and notice of trending email phishing attacks by leveraging IRONSCALES’ virtual analyst community.

The Need for Automated & Collective Phishing Campaign Detection

Federation delivers real-time, human verified, actionable phishing campaign intelligence collaborated on by top security experts within the IRONSCALES community.

Fully integrated with IronTraps, our forensics and incident response module, Federation empowers companies to proactively prepare for and automatically detect and respond to new phishing attacks that have already been verified.
By decentralising and distributing email threat intelligence to security teams, companies can for the first time mitigate the risk of malicious emails spreading to additional employees’ or other companies’ inboxes.

An AI-Powered Virtual Security Analyst

Many SOC and security teams lack the time and resources to resolve reported email phishing threats in a timely manner. Unfortunately the longer the dwell time from open incident to verified attack, the greater the risk of end-users interacting with a malicious email.

By using AI as a tool that can predict with high confidence the legitimacy of any suspicious emails, Themis can reduce the decision-making processes of busy security analysts, expediting remediation and decreasing risk.

Themis is 90% confident this email is malicious based on similar reported incidents

AI Assisted Decision Making in Real-Time

Themis, the lady of good counsel from the Greek Mythology, is an AI-driven virtual security analyst that helps security teams determine a verdict on suspicious email incidents in real-time. Built on top of our community of top security teams (Federation), Themis continuously learns from the tens of millions of emails she is exposed to on a weekly basis.

Powered by unique machine learning algorithms, Themis is constantly fed input from hundreds of thousands of verdicts conducted by human security experts located around the world, which are virtually grouped by our threat intelligence sharing module Federation. By mimicking security analyst’s decision-making criteria in real-time, Themis can predict with high confidence the legitimacy of any suspicious message without assistance from security analysts.

Attack Simulation And Phishing Awareness Training

Organisations are now targeted by an unprecedented number of phishing attacks as adversaries overwhelmingly interpret end users as the weakest link and most vulnerable to deception. While phishing awareness training is common, many businesses are not investing in advanced phishing protection education that can empower employees to identify and mitigate socially engineered attacks, such as business email compromise.

Unlike standard phishing awareness training tools. IronSchool continuously assesses individual employee behaviour and skillsets through short simulated phishing scenarios. This prepares them to identify and mitigate all types of advanced email phishing threats, including those without links or attachments.

How is IronSchool’s Phishing Awareness Training Unique?
Unlike the traditional one size fits all approach to security awareness training, IronSchool starts with an initial employee assessment to benchmark individual users phishing recognition skills. Each user is then automatically graded, and based on performance levels, a training campaign comprised of short, staged, real-world phishing attacks is tailored to help improve the employees’ awareness of malicious email messages.
Multi-Level, Gamified, Interactive Micro-Learning
Simulating mock phishing attacks increase phishing awareness training and responsiveness to current and trending techniques. To aid in phishing protection, our gamified, interactive micro-learning method trains each employee individually to think and act as a security team member, becoming proactive against a multitude of attack types. All trainings are personalised and gamified to make learning about phishing quick, easy to remember and fun.

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