Partnering with 8×8 and with over 15 years’ experience in the Cloud Communication space we can help your journey to a Cloud based Contact Centre improving improving Customer Service in an omni-channel environment integrating Call Centre, Email, Live Chat, co-browsing, Instant Messaging and much more.

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Eighteen. That’s the number of different communications vendors the average contact centre has to manage. Source: CCNG Survey

Enhance Customer Experience

We make it easy for your agents to deliver more rewarding experiences with every customer contact. With 8×8, your customers can reach the right person in the shortest time, every time.


Multiply Agent Productivity

Agent-related expenses make up 75% of the cost of running a contact centre. With capabilities and tools from 8×8, it’s easy to maximise the value your agents bring to your business.

Channel of Choice

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty by using the communication channels your customers prefer.

Multi-Channel Contact Center

Meet your customers on the channels they choose: phone, email, chat, social media (Facebook, Twitter) and more.

Let your customers choose the channels they communicate on — or change them if they want. With 8×8, you can manage customer contacts with a 360-degree view of all of a customer’s communications on all channels, including phone, email, chat, social media (Facebook, Twitter), and the web.

Contact Centre Analytics

How can you increase the value of every customer interaction? Is your contact centre meeting critical performance metrics? Now you can tell.

8×8 Contact Center reporting provides industry-leading insights about the performance of your contact centre. It’s more than just data, 8×8 brings powerful graphical tools that reveal actionable business insights.




Connect Globally

Provide customer experiences that build customer loyalty anywhere in the world with global communications that are second to none. 8×8’s top-tier data centres extend to the four corners of the globe. 8×8 automatically route calls to the nearest data centre, ensuring crystal clarity with none of the lag time or delays that so often plague international connections. Plus, with 8×8, you gain the unique ability to easily manage even the most far-flung global contact centre operations as single team.

Manage globally—with one great system

Manage a single system that covers the world. See ALL your operations at a glance, with easy-to-read dashboards, analytics and reports. Or drill down, for extra detail on one region. Configure and manage routing rules, IVR scripts—even CRM integrations—from the same configuration environment for the entire global system.

Become cloud confident today.

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