Reveal the true costs and risks you face – identify shadow IT and unsanctioned services that can compromise your data security, damage your reputation and impact on profits.

In an average company, employees make use of 1,154 apps. This is 10 times more than IT expect.

Find out how many apps you’re using
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Assess the risks

Security Assessment to discover all cloud apps

Shadow IT: reveal the true costs and risks

Find sensitive data

Understand imminent and long-term threats

Reduce costs, overlap and duplication

EveryCloud experts perform a comprehensive Cloud Audit, Security Assessment and Cloud Expense Management exercise to understand the real costs, risks and opportunity facing your business. Crucially, we ask the right questions and we listen to you: about how you work, what services are most important to you, your take on different apps, what you want to achieve, and the risks you are already aware of.

We also take an in-depth look at what apps and cloud services you use, analyse traffic patterns, examine how your people access the cloud, and ask about your sensitive data – then report back. What shadow IT and unsanctioned cloud services are being used, when and where? Are you paying unnecessarily for countless software licences you don’t need or are already covered by enterprise agreements?

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