Stay cloud confident and ensure you remain cloud safe: continued scrutiny and regular refresh of access, security and data protection policies via a cost-effective managed service.

“75% of IT Security Experts consider insider threats and insider account misuse more risky than outsider threats.”
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Discover how compromised accounts and credentials pose a massive risk for your business
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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Compromised accounts

Cloud malware

Highest security including encryption

Ongoing review and refresh of policies

So long as the threat landscape continues to shift and as new regulations come into force – demanding ever-higher levels of security – then all-encompassing threat protection and data loss prevention strategies will remain critical.

A planned programme of review and recommendations is the engine that drives the regular scrutiny, assessment and refresh of the policies and procedures that deliver cloud confidence. This activity is carried out by the EveryCloud Customer Success Team within a cost-effective managed services framework: ensuring your cloud access and security framework is solid today and updated in perpetuity, regardless of the data involved or business requirements, and for any app, cloud service or provider.

Stay EveryCloud Confident

Once your EveryCloud access and security framework is implemented, you benefit from an ongoing review cycle that covers incidents, alerts and issues, prioritising threats and risks so the most important are dealt with soonest. This means you can protect the assets most important to you at a time when the volume of IT incidents is rising steeply, requiring a focused and proportionate response. The EveryCloud approach, for example, identifies compromised accounts and protects you against cloud malware. A monthly review by your EveryCloud Customer Success Team examines all incidents raised and looks at making continuous improvements, including Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies that can be easily reported on and enforced.


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