Create the right cloud access, usage and security policies – then educate people on the threats faced, raise employee awareness and change behaviour.

More than one-third of all DLP policy violations occur on a mobile device.

Help shape policies to manage DLP across all applications and devices
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Develop the right policies

Find all cloud apps and usage

Report on enterprise readiness of each cloud app – identify risks

Report on sensitive data being shared publicly or outside the business

Formulate appropriate policies – in partnership with the business and users

Manage, restrict or deny access to certain apps, revoke sharing of documents

Policy development, education and awareness are crucial, focusing on unsanctioned versus sanctioned IT, the threats posed by shadow IT, and the wider external risks you face.

EveryCloud brings you huge cloud experience, business and organisational insight, and deep security know how – so you can fully appreciate the risks you face from technology, people and practices, your cloud providers and other external threats including criminal attack. We can make you fully aware, for example, of where your cloud apps actually process and store data, and if your apps are providing the appropriate protections for personal user and customer data against unauthorised access, loss and alteration.

Crucially, we then shape the most appropriate cloud access and security policies for your organisation, including firewalls, emails and data loss prevention – to provide the highest levels of protection in ways that make sense for you while avoiding any negative business impacts. This can include different levels of data access, with more draconian measures like blocking to lighter-touch activities including employee education, awareness and behaviour change programmes.

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