Partnering with Netskope, we assist you to govern your business’ cloud usage with visibility and control. We help you to understand risky activity, protect and prevent the loss of sensitive data and guard against cloud-based threats such as malware and ransomware.

Netskope Overview in 2 mins!

Netskope Securing Office 365

Netskope for Amazon Web Services

Cloud Access Security Broker

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Real-time cloud data protection – securing your organisation and its users against data breaches and inadvertent misuse, from internal and external threats – should form a central part of your cloud strategy. Our solutions protect you against breaches, data loss and leakage in every cloud environment and app you may be using.

Mobile Threat Management

Our mobile security solutions provide the security you need, through integrated identity, threat and mobility management capabilities that reduce the risk of data breaches while enabling the employee productivity your business may depend on.

EU GDPR and PII Compliance

Our solutions and services can help to ensure your business is GDPR compliant by the deadline: 25th May 2018. Indeed, our experts will help you to address governance, controls and measures relating to the handling, processing and protection of personal identifiable information (PII) in line with the principles in ISO/IEC 29100 for public cloud computing.

PCI DSS Compliance

We’ll help you to meet your obligations and stay compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
EveryCloud will providing you with the strongest cloud security framework including access controls, verification, dormant user management and more, we can help you reduce the risk of data and security breaches, combating the threats posed by cybercriminals.

Healthcare – Personal Health Information (PHI)

The healthcare sector is among the most highly regulated in data security and safeguarding sensitive information about people’s health and medical affairs. When it comes to the cloud, we can help to ensure your organisation and the data it handles are protected.

Malware and Ransomware

EveryCloud will help you to locate and deal with malware and threats including viruses, advanced persistent threats (APTs), spyware, worms and ransomware.
With cloud sync and share capabilities enabling malware and other threats to spread fast, real-time detection and remediation are critical to protect your corporate assets and keep employees productive.

Data Encryption

Encryption is often the preferred way to secure data in the cloud – and we will help you balance security with usability and access when it comes to encryption and your cloud services, with various different methodologies available.

User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA)

Our UEBA solutions can help you to identify security vulnerabilities and so protect your business against cyber attacks.
We can analyse the activities and behaviours of your employees, along with outsiders connected to your networks (such as third party suppliers or contractors) and flag security vulnerabilities across your organisation’s assets that hold sensitive data.

Shadow IT and App Classification

With one study showing that more than 80% of employees have admitted to using non-approved apps for work – for convenience or to ‘be more productive’ – we enable you to shine a spotlight on your business and its vulnerability to threats: to locate, identify and classify the cloud apps, shadow IT and unsanctioned apps that exist.