Learn What You’re Really Up Against

The cloud can be a dangerous place for your data and devices. Especially when you’re not sure who’s using what, where. Or when.

Our Cloud Risk Assessment puts you on the path to a 360 view of your business’s cloud presence across both your Sanctioned and unsanctioned Applications. In the process, we’ll reveal threats to your data security, make sure you’re compliant with industry regulations, and identify compromised accounts and malware infections.

We’ll also give you a risk-resolution roadmap to overcome the biggest problems you face today – and a glimpse of your posture in the wider risk landscape.

Download our sample Cloud Risk Assessment today and see what we can uncover about your cloud environment.

Shadow IT

We’ll help you understand your exposure to Shadow IT, how many applications your users are using and where you biggest risks are. And where data is exfiltrating the organisation to 3rd party applications. Our assessment is based on industry leading benchmark and analysis.

GDPR Risk Assessment

We’ll let you know what 3rd party applications your data is moving to, how secure these applications are, and where your data is stored. Not to mention who owns the data, what security standards the data centre adheres to. Then, we assess how this information impacts on your GDPR policies for data storage and retention. This report will clearly identify areas of concern in your GDPR policy around data ownership, retention and visibility.

PII (Personal Information) Risk Assessment

Identify Personal Information stored in your Sanctioned Cloud Applications, understand who this is shared with, who has access to it and if it is being shared externally. We’ll also help you move one step further and identify if this Personal information is being shared with Unsanctioned IT Applications (a potential breach of your GDPR Regulations) – and identify potential Data policy violations.

PCI Compliance Risk Assessment

Find and identify any information within your Sanctioned Cloud Storage applications that meets the criteria for a PCI Data Breach, identify where this information is stored, who has access to it and if it is shared internally or publicly. We can then use this information to help you take proactive steps to remove, encrypt or revoke access to these files to ensure adherence with your internal PCI Standards.

Personal Health Information (PHI) or HIPPA Compliance

Find and identify any information within your Sanctioned Cloud Storage applications that contains Personal Health Information, and whether it’s shared internally or externally, is widely accessible across the organisation and if it is encrypted at rest.

Malware, Ransomware & Botnets

The EveryCloud Malicious Activity Report is designed to assist customers in identifying threats to the organization across a wide-spectrum of attacks and attackers that are not being identified by their current security solutions deployed.
The 5-step process starts with simply forwarding an organization’s external DNS requests to our global network of DNS resolvers. Alternatively, you may send us logs from your internal DNS (or web proxy) servers.
Based on either data source, we’ll extract the destinations–domain and IPs–from your daily internet activity. From this we’ll provide recommendations on how to improve your security posture.

Bespoke DLP Compliance

If you have a bespoke requirement or particular data set unique to your organisation, get in touch to see how we can help identify the information that is most valuable to you, where it is being stored and who access to it. We’ve built a unique DLP profile to recognise the unique patterns of US number plates across 50 states – so we know what we’re doing. Using document fingerprint, custom built algorithms we can help you identify and protect the data most important to your business.