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Business Cloud backup solutions UK

Every Business IT manager knows that disaster recovery could just be around the corner, and that downtime is costly and highly unattractive.

Software solutions like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace don’t automatically offer businesses cloud backup for your data and files, we can.

At EveryCloud, we have access to global leading technology and vast experience to give you the right boutique solution to your backup needs, and give you peace within literally minutes. 

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Instant business backup in the cloud

We know that it's quite stressful being an IT Manager within a fast moving business. You've got remote workers, demands for new software and day-to-day user issues to worry about.

But whatever your size of business, and whether you use Microsoft 365, Google Workspace or other, we can give you cloud backup within 5 minutes.
Give us a call, so we can give you peace of mind and possibly a few more hours sleep at night.

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Why you need our SME cloud backup solution today

Accidental Deletion

64% of businesses said downtime was due to human error (ITIC)

Malicious employees

20% of breaches involve internal actors (Verizon)

Licence agreement

With handovers of responsibility, are you certain that you’re not just going to end up with no service at all?

Malicious attacks

Nearly half of organisations have discovered malware infections (Cisco). And the majority of small business victims will go under within six months

Compliance and legal

One in five IT managers reports experiencing a serious outage that caused severe damage to the organisation’s finances, reputation, or compliance.

Single source reliance

24% of organisations experienced server downtime due to outdated hardware (ITIC)

Fully compliant cloud backup for SMEs

At EveryCloud we’ve helped 1000s of small and medium business customers to get the right backup solution for their needs.

We combine years of IT experience with the best available technology, giving you not just the right solution to Backup, Disaster Recovery and data protection, but the most cost-efficient pricing and support.

To get business cloud backup today, book a call and we’ll show you how.

…of SMEs experience catastrophic loss every 5 years
Unfortunately, the majority of SMEs who are attacked in some way, will go under within six months

Effortless SME cloud backup and instant peace of mind

Setup in 5 mins

It’s quick and easy to get cloud backup and data protection for your business. Just book a call – and you could be done in 5 mins

Daily backups

We’ll backup all your files automatically multiple times a day checking for new or updated files and saving them for you.

Simple click recovery

Using our web console you can search and recover your lost files. You can even look for individual emails that may have been deleted

3 simple steps to get your SME cloud backup


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We check your IT set-up and give you next steps


You can have business cloud backup in minutes

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“What used to take up to 24 hours to recover and restore can now be done in 30 minutes. Our first line technicians can easily manage restores because of the nice, simple GUI in the product.”

Adrian Collinson, Head of IT Architecture