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Google Workspace and Google Drive Cloud Backup

Google Workspace is a fantastic business suite of tools, but it doesn’t automatically backup your data.

At EveryCloud we can backup all your Google Workspace files including Drive and Gmail to the cloud. So that means, if disaster did strike or a colleague deleted the files, you could recover them easily and quickly through our intuitive app.

Plus, we could get you backed up within just 5 mins.

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Google Workspace Doesn’t Backup Your Data, we can

Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite) and Google Drive are phenomenally superb tools, with great reliability that empowers your team remotely.

However, did you know that Google doesn't automatically back up all your data to the cloud? We can.

Cloud backup for Google Workspace and Google Drive is essential to mitigate against possible accidental deletion, malicious attacks or system failure. With EveryCloud you can be confident that all your company's data is backed-up safely, quickly and daily.

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6 reasons to get Google Workspace Cloud Backup

Accidental Deletion of Google Drive

64% of businesses said downtime was due to human error (ITIC)

Malicious employees

20% of breaches involve internal actors (Verizon). Keep Google backed up

Google agreement

With handovers of responsibility, are you certain that you’re not just going to end up with no Google Workspaces service at all?

Malware and cyberware

Nearly half of organisations have discovered malware infections (Cisco). And the majority of small business victims will go under within six months

Compliance and legal

One in five managers reports experiencing a serious outage that caused severe damage to the organisation’s finances, reputation, or compliance.

Outdated hardware

24% of organisations experienced server downtime due to outdated hardware (ITIC)

WE CAN BACKUP ALL YOUR Google Workspace and Drive FILES

Google Drive Backup

You can backup all your Google Drive files, folders, shared drives and trash with our Google Workspace backup service. You can then recover Google Drive data as a whole or a single item, returning it to its original location.

Gmail Backup

Get total Google Gmail backup and recovery with our Google Workspace cloud backup service. Click and search for critical lost or deleted emails in seconds.

Google Calendar and Contacts Backup

We can backup and restore Google Calendar items with our Google Workspace backup service. You’ll be able to recover those deleted meetings and important schedules with just a few clicks.

Google Classroom Backup

Our Google Workspace backup service includes backing up and restoring Google Classroom files, courses settings, coursework, teacher folders and more. You can restore and recover deleted Google Classroom data as a whole or for single users.

of businesses said downtime was due to human error
…of breaches involve internal actors

Effortless Google backup and instant peace of mind

1. Google backup in 5 mins

It’s so easy to backup your Google Workspace and Drive with EveryCloud and our web-based console solution. You could be done in 5mins

2. Automatic backup

We’ll backup your Google Workspace automatically multiple times a day checking for new files and saving them for you and your workforce

3. Search and retrieve

If you do need to recover files, it only takes a few clicks to find your Google Workspace files such as lost Google sheets, docs or slides. You can even retrieve individual emails in just a couple of clicks.

3 simple steps to get Google Workspace backup today


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