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Data and Disaster Recovery Services

We understand that being in charge of IT systems, remote workforces and multiple software is stressful enough without having to worry about possible disaster recovery. 

At EveryCloud we can help you, like we’ve done with 1000s of businesses, to protect and recover your data for a possible disaster event. We use global leading data recovery software plus year’s of know-how to prevent downtime, aid business continuity and to give you instant peace of mind. 

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What is Disaster Recovery?

From system failures and cyber threats to malicious employees and accidental deletion, the role of disaster recovery in maintaining business continuity and avoiding costly downtime is critical.

Have you got the right contingency and recovery plans for when disaster strikes?

If not, EveryCloud will help with your strategic data backups by putting the right cloud backup solutions in place to give you instant peace of mind. Call now to get cloud confident

How could Disaster Recovery strike?

Cyber-attacks by hackers or malicious insiders

Natural events like earthquakes or hurricanes

Failure of equipment or infrastructure, such as a power outage or hard disk failure

Human error such as accidental erasure of data or loss of equipment

How could Data and Disaster Recovery affect you?

Lost revenue

You won’t generate revenue during a downtime. To get a cost on this, take your company’s gross annual revenue and calculate that per hour.

Lost productivity

After downtime employees won’t be able to work, meaning future productivity will be affected.

Recovery costs

Not only will it cost to try and recreate the data, additionally the time taken by employees to find or rewrite the files is wasted time

Intangible costs

Letting down clients, customers or suppliers will have a major impact on your reputation and brand.

Don’t become a Disaster Recovery statistic

48% of businesses have deteceted malware on their systems (cisco)

64% of businesses stated downtime was due to human error (ITIC)

96% of organisations experienced at least one incidence of downtime from 2019-2021 (Logicmonitor)

For 90% of mid–large enterprises, the cost of downtime exceeds $300,000 an hour (ITIC)

20% of disaster breaches involve internal actors (Verizon)

45% of data breaches occur in the cloud (IBM)

60% of small businesses fold within 6 months of a cyber attack (INC)

Disaster Recovery

EveryCloud’s Disaster Recovery as a Service will boost your business continuity and recovery time with little effort.

We can help ensure your critical business applications are always available and ready to run in the Acronis Cloud by adding easy-to-use cloud failover to your cloud backup solution.

VPN-less deployment option

Test failover and failback of your protected server easily. Keep local and cloud networks independent with the new “cloud-only” deployment option

Encrypted backups support

Automate DR operations using encrypted backups by allowing the system to use securely stored passwords.

Multiple networks support

Failover complex infrastructure and extend up to five local networks through the single site-to-site connection.

RPO tracking on recovery servers

Define recovery point thresholds for servers, track RPO in real time via the web console, and get alerts if your thresholds are exceeded.

New “Disaster Recovery” tab in GUI

Reduce management overhead by using all your disaster recovery controls, conveniently located in the new “Disaster Recovery” section.

New cloud server management GUI

Gain greater visibility into your cloud server environment. Device statuses are now more informative and alert-based.

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“What used to take up to 24 hours to recover and restore can now be done in 30 minutes. Our first line technicians can easily manage restores because of the nice, simple GUI in the product.”

Adrian Collinson, Head of IT Architecture