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Data protection for any business

With cyberattacks, remote workers and multiple software downloads on the rise, safeguarding your business data has never been more critical. We’ve helped businesses from many sectors:

  • Financial sector
  • Public Sector 
  • Technology 
  • Healthcare sector
  • Transport and Logistics businesses
  • Law firms

No matter what your sector, we’ve got a data protection solution for your business. We offer a robust and scalable approach to data protection ensuring seamless access, disaster recovery, and enhanced security. Give us a call to discuss your data protection needs

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Cyberware attacks are up. Data protection has never been so critical

The chart on the right shows the types of businesses that are most prone to attack.

1000s of SMEs are attacked every year in the UK, implementing the right data protection and backup solutions couldn’t be more important.

…of mid–large enterprises, the cost of downtime exceeds $300,000 an hour
..of businesses have detected malware on their systems (cisco)

Why you need Data Protection:

Cyber-attacks by hackers or rogue employees

Natural events like earthquakes or hurricanes

Failure of equipment or infrastructure, such as a power outage or hard disk failure

Human error such as accidental erasure of data or loss of equipment

Data protection in 5 mins

No matter what your sector, we can get you set up quickly after discussing your compliance and security needs, just give us a call to find out more

Automatic daily protection

Businesses are facing more attacks every year. It’s therefore more critical than ever to have robust, efficient multi-user data protection and multiple daily backups

Simple click and recover

Our web console allows you to quickly search and retrieve any backed-up file. Whether you’re looking for Microsoft or Google files, or even a particular email, it’s easy to recover.

It's easy to get Data protection today


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Case Study

BWT Racing Point Speeds Up Processes While Protecting All Endpoints and Workloads with Acronis

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“What used to take up to 24 hours to recover and restore can now be done in 30 minutes. Our first line technicians can easily manage restores because of the nice, simple GUI in the product.”

Adrian Collinson, Head of IT Architecture