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Email Security Platform
Phishing Protection solution

We help businesses with phishing protection and email security. Partnering with Ironscales, we’ll not only secure your email server, but your colleagues’ mailboxes too. We do this by offering an advanced anti-phishing threat email protection platform.

Our email security software combines human and machine intelligence to automatically analyse, detect and remove malicious phishing emails before and after they land in the inbox.

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Email Security on the go

The best time to stop phishing emails is before they hit the mailbox. Despite this, 25% of attacks get past existing phishing security defences.

We can drastically reduce manual email analysis and response by more than 90% with our email security solution to effectively triage, investigate and respond to attacks.

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Advanced Email Threat Protection

By taking a comprehensive approach to email threat protection, our email security platform and services puts you in the best position to fight a variety of known and unknown cyber attacks. This list includes phishing, malware, ransomware, credential theft, business email compromise (BEC), polymorphic and zero-day attacks.

With Ironscales, you receive all of the following features and solutions in one convenient email protection SaaS platform:

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Email Security

Email Phishing examples

Phishing: Outlook and Gmail protection

Ironscales advanced phishing threat email protection platform automatically detects visual deviations and warns end users and security teams about potentially malicious websites. So whether you are on Microsoft Outlook, Google Mail or any other email platform, we can help detect phishing.

AI Anti-phishing software

Using AI-based computer vision and neural network technology, the Ironscales platform can identify and block fake login pages in real-time that traditional email security approaches are simply unable to detect.

Rapid Phishing Detection and Response

Ironscales provides the first and only truly automated email phishing protection that includes investigation, orchestration and response capabilities.

Backed by a robust mobile app for iOS and Android, we also empower your security teams to find and fix phishing threats before they even get to the office.

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Email Security Software Features

Automated email protection and continuous phishing detector

Security at the Inbox

Reverse-engineered mailbox-level email security to detect attacks where others cannot.

More Intelligent Automation

Truly automated email security incident response saves analysis and remediation time and increases accuracy.

Humans + Machines

Breadth and depth of hybrid human-technology approach in a crowdsourced model.

Speed & Simplicity

Speed and ease of use versus both "traditional" and emerging products.

Global Collaboration

Democratised phishing threat intelligence across platform users for real-time access to global analyst network.

Case Study


The financial services industry is a prime target for cybercrime, with hackers targeting financial services firms 300 percent more than any other sector. A common and, frankly, simple method cyber criminals use to access an enterprise’s confidential and personal information is through phishing attacks.

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95% of all cyber attacks begin with a spear-phishing attempt


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an email security gateway SEG?

An email security gateway (SEG) is a cloud-based or on-premise solution that monitors and filters all incoming and outgoing email traffic to protect against threats such as spam, phishing, malware, and ransomware.

SEGs work by scanning emails for suspicious content, such as attachments that may contain malware, links to malicious websites, and keywords that are commonly used in phishing attempts. If an email is found to be suspicious, it may be quarantined, blocked, or deleted.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of cyber attack that deceives individuals into revealing sensitive information, such as passwords, credit card details, or other personal data, by posing as legitimate entities through emails, text messages, or social media messages. Phishing attacks are often successful because they exploit human trust and fear, making individuals more likely to act without thinking critically.

Businesses can protect themselves from phishing attacks by deploying email security software. Email security software can scan incoming and outgoing emails for suspicious content, such as attachments that may contain malware, links to malicious websites, and keywords that are commonly used in phishing attempts. If an email is found to be suspicious, it may be quarantined, blocked, or deleted.

What are the benefits of Anti-Phishing Software?

Implementing anti-phishing software can substantially enhance your overall email security posture. Attacks are on the rise, so the benefits are significant:

  • Reduced risk of phishing attacks:

  • Protection of sensitive data:

  • Mitigated financial losses:

  • Enhanced employee protection:

  • Improved productivity:

The return on investment could therefore be immense. Talk to us today about Anti-phishing software pricing.

How much does anti-phishing software cost?

We can deploy anti-phishing software onto every one of your colleagues inboxes. The price of which can start at just a few pounds per month – an investment that could offer significant returns.

Get in touch to discuss pricing and to find out what email security soluti0n is right for your business.

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