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We help elite sports clubs safeguard against the three key attack trends identified in the NCSC’s 2020 report on ‘The Cyber Threat To Sports Organisations’. With clients ranging from Premier League and Women’s Super League football clubs to top flight cricket clubs to international sporting and events venues, we have the technology and expertise to protect you, your fans and your sport.


The three biggest cyber threats to sport – as identified by the National Cyber Security Centre – are all ones which EveryCloud helps its clients successfully defend against.
Business Email Compromise
The Challenge

The rise of Office 365 and G Suite means Business Email Compromise (BEC) is now the biggest cyber threat to organisations. As BEC attacks do not use malicious links or attachments, they bypass traditional defences.

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Cyber-enabled Fraud
The Challenge

Cyber-enabled fraud often relies on phishing to trick staff into making mistakes, such as diverting a payment to a fraudulent account or sharing sensitive information with attackers who are impersonating high-level executives.

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The Challenge

Traditional URL scanning technology looks for signatures of known malware attacks. Attackers now get round this by creating polymorphic attacks, making it impossible for signature-based solutions such as malware and URL scanners.

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The Cyber Threat to Sports Organisations

This report is designed to demystify the cyber threat to sports organisations by highlighting the cyber security issues that affect the sector on a daily basis: business email compromise, digital fraud, and venue security.

*Source – National Cyber Security Centre


Case Study

Premier League Football Club

Our client is one of the most successful English football clubs of all time, with multiple league, cup and European honours to their name. Like most elite sports organisations, they hold a huge quantity of sensitive confidential information – from contract negotiations and players’ medical data, to personal details belonging to the club’s global fan base. They engaged EveryCloud in a three-stage strategic security programme to keep their highly sensitive data secure in the cloud and combat increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks – all whilst maintaining user experience and productivity across the club.

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Protect Your Sport

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