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Did you know that any organisation, regardless of size and the number of in-house security personnel employed, can now automatically prevent, detect and respond to all types of sophisticated phishing email techniques in real-time. Now imagine how much time, money and resources it could save your company and how much burden might be alleviated from your Security and IT teams? The reality of email security today, however, is that many businesses do not yet know that such technology exists or that it is possible to replace or supplement their existing solutions with ease. Therefore, most businesses continue to rely on static secure email gateways (SEGs) or the baked in security of email service providers, such as Office 365 and G-Suite. While such technologies are proven to reduce some risk, the frequency at which the email threat landscape now evolves, the high-rate of micro-targeted attacks and the speed at which threat intelligence must be consumed, has significantly reduced the effectiveness of both types of solutions.

This playbook introduces CISOs, security teams and analysts, and business decision makers to the seven essentials of a modern email security platform, while providing objective explanation as to why each essential is necessary and how they work together.