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EveryCloud and 8×8 are proud to continue our headline sponsorship of the 2020 Northern Contact Centre Awards and South West Contact Centre Awards.

Here are our top ‘Contact Centre Awards’ tips on how to turn the fantastic achievements of your team into an award-winning entry.

1. Tell a great story

This is a great chance to let your true personality shine through. What makes you special? The judges love entries that make you stand out from the crowd. Take them on a journey that shows them where you started and what you achieved. Of course, detail your challenges and results achieved – but can you do it an engaging way? Be different, be energetic, be funny, be serious – judges will remember entries that energised them (and that will energise others), they will remember entries that make them laugh… and the ones that touch them emotionally.

2. Be prepared

Put yourselves in the judges’ shoes. They will be assessing a LOT of entries. Before you start writing, take time to really understand the criteria for the category (categories) you are entering – that’s where you’ll find clues on what the judges are looking for. Make sure you download the Northern Contact Centre Awards toolkit or South West Contact Centre Awards toolkit.

3. Think BIG

Is there a big memorable event that you can focus on? Maybe there’s been a major transformation, maybe a relaunch, maybe a turnaround – maybe a massive challenge (maybe COVID-19 related) that you tackled with flying colours.

4. Prove that you’re the best

You should expect that every entry will be from an individual or business that provides a great customer experience; invests in its people and the tools and technology they need; runs a productive, profitable operation that smashes its KPIs and so on.  Demonstrate how your achievements put you ahead of the pack – and why the benefits delivered to your customers, your colleagues, your business are not just great – but the best. Back it up with solid evidence – through stats and testimonials wherever possible. A compelling ‘before and after’ story can be really powerful.

5. Make it a team effort

Inclusion and diversity breeds innovation and success. Whether it’s a team or individual entry, involve a variety of people in different roles from different backgrounds with different viewpoints. You’ll buzz off each other – and you’ll be surprised at some golden nuggets that appear, that you’ll want to put into your entry. Then when you think you’re done – get a totally fresh pair of eyes to review your entry and provide feedback.

6. Enjoy yourselves

Embrace the whole awards experience as a fun, enjoyable experience. Yes of course you’ll have moments of nervousness – that’s absolutely fine and totally natural. Your awards entry is a performance. In life in general, we perform at our best when we’re enjoying ourselves, feeling motivated and inspired – and, yes, often when we have a sprinkling of nervous adrenaline added into the mix too!


Wishing all our friends across the Contact Centre industry the very best of luck in the 2020 Northern Contact Centre Awards and South West Contact Centre Awards.


We hope these you found our top contact centre awards tips useful!