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Securing cloud applications and web access to protect against cyber attacks, data loss and web-based threats

Our client is one of the world’s largest ReCommerce businesses, selling phones, tablets and more to over 100 countries around the world and with annual turnover in excess of £100million. With the company’s phenomenal growth projected to continue – they engaged EveryCloud to secure their cloud applications and web access, in order to protect against attacks, data loss and web-based threats.

EveryCloud were engaged in early 2020 to carry out a cloud risk assessment to identify specific risks and exposures within the company. Following a successful proof of concept, the Netskope Security Cloud platform was rolled out across the business – with tailored policies deployed to monitor and alert on cloud access and rules applied for tighter controls on web access.

In line with EveryCloud’s “people-led, technology-fuelled” philosophy – automated coaching alerts were built for colleagues, so that any prevention of dangerous activity was accompanied by guidance on how to safely perform the activities they needed to carry out – thus enabling a culture of “securely enable” rather than “block”.

With Netskope’s Next Generation Secure Web Gateway and Cloud Access Security Broker combined into a single easy-to-use console, our client now has ongoing protection against day-to-day threats such as malware and risky sites, combined with data loss prevention through tailored security policies.

EveryCloud provides ongoing cloud security consultancy through regular reviews, workshops and best practice guidance to ensure optimum value and protection from the platform. As a result, our client will continue to benefit from unrivalled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services and websites – as they continue their rapid growth.