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EveryCloud are proud to announce a new partnership with Censys, which further enhances EveryCloud’s suite of best-of-breed cloud security solutions.

“Cloud adoption continues to grow rapidly and having a solution to provide visibility of your organisation’s managed and unmanaged cloud assets is incredibly important. Attack Surface Management gives IT teams the confidence they need to ensure they can keep on top of potential security risks across their organisation’s entire digital footprint.”
– Paul Richards – Director, EveryCloud

Censys is the proven leader in Attack Surface Management by relentlessly searching and proactively monitoring your digital footprint far more broadly and deeply than ever thought possible.

What is Attack Surface Management?

Attack Surface Management, or External Attack Surface Management (EASM), is still a relatively new technology in the security world and for its practitioners. Gartner® took a deeper look at EASM in its Hype Cycle™ for Security Operations , 2021 report, naming Censys as one of its Sample Vendors.

Censys’ ASM Platform utilises the most comprehensive dataset from its own scanning technology to produce a high-resolution map of the public Internet. Within the platform, organisations can see their own inventory of digital assets and whether they are in need of remediation due to possible misconfiguration or other existing risks.

Attack Surface Management is part technology and part humanity. Built from Censys’ best-in-class Internet Discovery Algorithm and cloud connectors, their ASM tools seek and find. Knowing is powerful, but it takes partnership to create action.

What Does Censys’ Attack Surface Management Look Like?

This short ~3 minute video gives you an overview of Censys’ Attack Surface Management solution.

This isn’t security by defence. This is a system of vigilant offence that constantly looks at everything from HTTP hosts to message brokers to remote desktop exposure to network printers. Seeking potential breaches, shoring up leaks in your protocols, and mapping any potential weak points. Helping you stay one step ahead of risk; and seeing threats before they become complications.

How Can I Learn More?

Schedule a demo today with EveryCloud and Censys for a deeper dive into the solution with an engineer by clicking the link below:

Attack Surface Management – EveryCloud Security