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Customer Experience Analytics empowers you with actionable insight to fine tune every step of the customer journey.

To improve customer experience, you need visibility and data to piece the whole story together by joining together patterns and trends to view the complete customer journey.   8×8 Customer Experience Analytics can help you achieve this – every touchpoint can be automatically captured.

So, what are the advantages of utilising Customer Experience Analytics?

You can effortlessly discover areas for improvement

  • There is the opportunity to offer every customer to provide direct feedback
  • You will be able to run targeted searches on your data to pinpoint trends and issues
  • Uncover customer frustration points with a visual map of their journey

Once you have identified the answers to the points above – you will inevitably:

  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Take action immediately on customer frustrations

The outcomes of these three areas will lead to better results for your business and the ability to retain your customer base.  Watch the short video below to see what Customer Experience Analytics can do for your organisation and how customer experience can be improved.


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