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Formula One team frees up critical resources for R&D by accomplishing a task that previously took 24 hours in less than 30 minutes.

Key Challenges

  • No protection for endpoints
  • No protection for Microsoft 365
  • Too much time spent backing up large computational datasets

Key Requirements

  • Support for endpoints
  • Support for Microsoft 365
  • Ease of use and administration

Protected Resources

  • 62 servers
  • 200TB
  • 460 Microsoft 365 mailboxes
  • 200 endpoints (laptops and workstations)

Key Benefits

  • All devices and workloads protected
  • Enhanced productivity

BWT Racing Point is a British Formula One racing team based in Silverstone, United Kingdom. The company was established in 2018 to acquire the racing assets of the Force India Formula One team after it was placed in administration. Since then, the renamed BWT Racing Point F1 team has exploded onto the racing scene with a stable of true racers driven by a passion for motorsport – and the desire to succeed in the world’s most competitive environment. Racing Point first began working with Acronis in 2019 in order to modernise its backup and recovery processes, which previously involved backing up its servers to traditional DAT tapes.


Racing Point had IT infrastructure beyond servers that needed protecting. This included roughly 200 laptops and desktops as well as 460 Microsoft 365 mailboxes. With its previous tape backup solutions, these endpoint devices and cloud data were not protected. However, with Acronis already in place as a modern solution for server backup, the same solution could be leveraged to protect all critical IT. An additional element of the IT infrastructure that needed protection was the computational data being generated by testing time in the race car virtual wind tunnel. This testing involves fluid dynamics and generates large volumes of data that needs to be stored and analysed which needs to be balanced against precious time in the physical wind tunnel itself. Because Racing Point and its competitors only get a finite amount of time for both physical and virtual wind tunnel, any way to increase the efficiencies would be a competitive advantage.


Given these two challenges, Racing Point was excited to learn that its existing partnership with Acronis could be expanded to address both issues. First, Acronis Cyber Protect – Backup Advanced was already being used for server backup, but this solution has with hybrid cloud backup capabilities and support for more than 20 virtual, physical and cloud platforms including Microsoft 365. Racing Point’s endpoint devices and Microsoft 365 data could easily be protected with the same tool, through a common, administrative console. When it came to handling the computational data, Racing Point was able to use Acronis Cyber Infrastructure in its own data centre. Acronis Cyber Infrastructure offered a multi-tenant architecture that united virtualisation, software defined network, block, file, and object storage into a single solution that reduced bandwidth use when replicating and transmitting backup data to a target location.


By further leveraging its relationship with Acronis, Racing Point was able to protect its roughly 200 remote laptops and desktops and 460 Microsoft 365 mailboxes. This was on top of the 62 servers that were also in production and being protected. In total, the company is currently protecting more than 400TB with Acronis. According to Adrian Collinson, Head of IT Architecture at Racing Point, there were several important benefits from expanding its relationship with Acronis in this way.

First and foremost, all critical devices and data was now protected, Collinson explains, “At the start of lockdown, we implemented a new VPN solution, and we were now able to provide cyber protection for the laptops and workstations that were operating remotely. This is not something we could have ever handled with tape backup.” Additionally, Collinson notes, “We are able to be more efficient by not shuttling around tapes, so we have more time to be productive. What used to take up to 24 hours to recover and restore can now be done in 30 minutes. Our first line technicians can easily manage restores because of the nice, simple GUI in the product.” He continues, “Ultimately, Acronis helps us free up resources and particularly when it comes to activities in the wind tunnel, gives us more creative time for R&D.”


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