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The past 12 months have highlighted how important customer experience is for organisations. 

Customers and employees are the stars of centre court. They’re your difference between winning and losing. Both employee and customer experience have dramatically changed over the past year.  Especially with the number of communication channels that are growing – experiences need to remain as efficient and effortless as possible.

So, how do you create a winning employee and customer experience?

If you missed the webinar we hosted with 8×8 on 9th July,  you can catch up now and watch how you can serve up game-changing experiences to your customers and colleagues.  8×8’s Senior Sales Engineer, Amy Ryan and EveryCloud’s Cloud Contact Centre Specialist, Sarah Fraser-Coombe, share the following on the thirty minute webinar below:

  • Why more organisations are selecting an integrated UC and CC solution
  • What they’re hearing from organisations on revised, long-term employee and customer experience strategies
  • How the lines between employee experience and customer experience are blurring

Click on below to watch the recording so you can ahead with your customer and employee experiences.

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