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The current level of customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is on the forefront of nearly all Chief Customer Officers’ (CCOs) minds right now. This is because the number of channels customers use to engage with businesses is changing and multiplying at an alarming rate. According to Metrigy research, nearly three-quarters of businesses are planning to or have already hired an executive-level role (such as a CCO) to be in charge of the customer experience.

Contact Centre Infographic for Customer Satisfaction

There is and always has been a major divide, both physically and digitally, between front-end call-centre agents that deal with customers on a regular basis and the wider teams that don’t. This causes a negative effect when it comes to customer satisfaction ratings and KPIs, such as: response time, average handling time, adherence to schedule, first contact resolution (FCR), quality assurance and abandonment rate.

8×8 recently commissioned a survey of 400 contact centre and customer experience leaders, named the ‘State of the Contact Centre’ which showed communication silos to be one of the greatest challenges to customer experience, with over 50% of agents finding multiple credentials/logins for different systems a significant hindrance to productivity amongst multiple other issues shown in the report.


So how can you fix it?

Many businesses these days are opting to integrate their Unified Communications and Contact Centre technologies to enable a more seamless experience. Having easy access to SMEs on a single platform without the need for countless passwords already shows a significant reduction in silos, but it doesn’t need to stop there. Provide the whole team with easy access to the right tools to do the job and the experience follows.

Not only does this provide businesses with a way to improve their customer experience, but also: a single consolidated contract to lower contact centre overheads, built-in speech analytics for agent training, instant cross-company collaboration and quick and simple IT roll-outs / updates. The list goes on.

8×8’s XCaaS offering provides a ‘One Platform. One Experience’ for a cloud-native contact centre, voice, team chat, meetings and embeddable communications. A solution that offers the tools needed, in a modular platform, that works across the business. For businesses that are still using legacy, on-premise solutions; the XCaaS offering is highly recommended.