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It’s time to think about where your organisation is on the SASE journey

When undertaking a new project, the pressure to deliver quantifiable results today is a significant challenge facing CIOs, CISOs, or anyone with high-level responsibility. Unlike typical IT projects where long development cycles may be tolerated, cloud security must demonstrate value right away and deliver quick wins.

SASE addresses that vulnerability using an architecture that reflects the way security must be delivered now and also reflects the increasing convergence of security and networking. But true SASE is a long-term evolutionary process – your organisation will grow into SASE.

To do that, you must know where you are starting from and where you are going. By approaching SASE as a series of informed investments and implementations, each game-changing in it’s own right, you can deliver continuous, dramatic results.

See how this is possible by catching up on the webinar we ran in conjunction with Netskope – watch this below.

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