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This global network of professional firms specialise in the domains of public accounting, tax expertise, and advisory services. This firm has a presence in over 150 diverse territories and operate out of over 1500 offices, each a hub of innovation and expertise.

INDUSTRY: Accounting & Finance

REGION: Global

EMPLOYEES: 10,000+

SITES: 1,500+


  • ‘Clunky’ user experience with Always-On VPN

  • Having to balance application security and user experience

  • Security policies are too wide and cannot be applied on a per user basis


  • Netskope Private Access for Zero Trust Network Access
  • EveryCloud ‘Cloud-Aware’


  • Ensuring employee access to necessary secure applications

  • Optimised and seamless user experience

  • Transformed cyber defences, significantly reducing attack surface


Navigating the complexities of an obsolete ‘Always-On’ VPN solution has become an urgent challenge for many businesses. For this global accountancy firm, the pressing need for a change was clear. The legacy VPN system not only hindered productivity but also posed a significant risk to data security. EveryCloud specialise in cybersecurity transformation and began their approach by implementing a Zero Trust Network Access solution, providing a bespoke security framework tailored to individual users and devices.

The accountancy firm faced a huge challenge—replace the sluggish ‘Always-On’ VPN with a solution that not only enhanced security but also streamlined workflow. The goal was clear: safeguard sensitive data without impeding the efficiency of 10,000 employees, using circa 100 private applications. The firm sought a solution that could adapt to the unique security requirements of each user and device, moving away from the one-size-fits-all approach.


EveryCloud presented a comprehensive plan to address the firm’s concerns, introducing Netskope Private Access as the cornerstone of their new security infrastructure. Complemented by EveryCloud Cloud Aware, these solutions promised not only to replace the old VPN seamlessly, but also to maximise the potential of the technology. In just three months, EveryCloud expertly executed the transition, ensuring minimal disruption to the daily operations of the accountancy firm’s 10,000 employees.

Imagine the transformation as a swift upgrade from an outdated Nokia 3310 to a super-fast new iPhone model. EveryCloud orchestrated the migration for 10,000 end users, guaranteeing a seamless transition. The implementation of Zero Trust Network Access meant that security rules were no longer uniform; instead, each person and device had customised rules tailored to their specific needs.

Post-implementation, the accountancy firm stepped into a new era of digital safety and efficiency. The cumbersome ‘Always-On’ VPN was replaced with a state-of-the-art system, enabling employees to work from anywhere, securely. The introduction of ‘Zero Trust Network Access’ ensured that all users and devices went through rigorous security checks, establishing a defence against threats without any unnecessary delays to accessing applications or hindering performance.

Thanks to EveryCloud’s strategic approach, the accountancy firm not only resolved their VPN challenges but entered a new era of digital safety and efficiency. The implementation of Zero Trust Network Access not only met but exceeded expectations, providing a robust security infrastructure that acts as a guard for their digital assets.

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