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Gartner Group Enterprises are overly dependent on blocking and prevention mechanisms that are decreasingly effective against advanced attacks within email security. Comprehensive protection requires an adaptive protection process integrating predictive, preventive, detective and response capabilities. Phishing threats are constantly morphing at scale. Enterprises face the greatest dangers from unknown and non-signature-based email attacks that frequently slip through secure email gateways (SEGs): 70% of companies report being a victim to advanced phishing attacks.

Most anti-phishing tools fall short because they:

Struggle to detect and remediate malicious emails already in the inboxes

Require excessive manual effort and attention, which increases errors and costs

Do not detect polymorphic attacks, which they can’t remediate at scale

Leave gaps with limited point solutions that address only one vulnerability or threat

Lack automation and collaboration for fast, easy remediation once attacks occur

Attackers have become much more creative in their approaches. Shouldn’t your anti-phishing capabilities do the same?

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