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Does insider threat warrant the attention? We think so!

What your company spent years to develop can be lost in an instant at the hands of one bad intentioned employee. The statistics on employee theft of intellectual property (IP) paint a dark portrait. Employees that are disgruntled, moving on, or stockpiling for a rainy day, are the ones needing attention. The difficulty is finding them.

Working with Zonefox we help organisations around the globe protect their business critical data against the insider threat. Our award-winning technology provides 360 visibility of activities around your data – the who, what, where and when – by monitoring user behaviour and data flow – then instantly alerting to any anomalous or malicious activity.

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Automatically detect when a user’s behaviour changes, rapidly spot compromised user accounts being used to harvest valuable IP and confidential data and identify users who present a security threat – all without compromising on user productivity and privacy, and system flexibility.


Zonefox AI

Unless your existing cybersecurity strategy includes a solution with an intuition feature, it’s not going to be able to decode someone’s intentions with your valuable data. Armed with the key elements of the puzzle, ZoneFox AI delivers a superior security platform. Utilizing both machine learning and UEBA, your team can be incredibly thorough incredibly quickly, working with only the information you need to rapidly figure out the “Why”s and act as needed. ZoneFox and your team working together to get to the facts. That’s Augmented Intelligence.

Efficient, effective data security
  • Intelligent analytics to quickly and consistently identify risky activities
  • Compliance, malware, business policy violations and anomalous behavior – ZoneFox AI has you covered
  • Detects the complex threats which competing products simply can’t
  • Unique architecture and 5-factor model delivers clear, noiseless, actionable alerts on anomalous behavior
  • Zero-configuration agent means breakneck speed deployment & instant protection

Complete visibility around your data means knowing what’s happening with it, both on AND off your network. Remote workers, after-hours commitments, and changing practices all point towards increased threat around your data, either accidental or malicious. That’s where our Network Monitoring capabilities can help.

Network MonitoringCan your current security ecosystem tell you where your business-critical data is going, even when it’s headed outside your networks? ZoneFox can, tracking file uploads and downloads from a user’s endpoint to any network location – including other computers on the local network, computers across the internet and even websites or services such as Google Drive.

Efficient, effective security
  • Quickly spot any anomalies that could affect your security – whether they be data transfers to an unexpected country, or a particular user who has uploaded an unusually large amount of data in a short period of time
  • Full integration with our search capabilities, so your team can filter down through the data to the most relevant events to your investigation
  • Create rules to alert when data is uploaded to a specific country, when a user downloads a file from a specific website, or when a specific file type is transferred using a specific application
  • Get visibility of files uploaded and downloaded both within your network, and to sites on the internet

Compliance reporting is built to support businesses in meeting the various often complex regulations that compliance entails. For GDPR, Compliance Reporting supports core areas which include the Transfer of Data, as well as the ability to quickly investigate a breach and provide scope details to the regulatory authority within the 72 hour time frame (even less for Financial Services). It’s super-easy to use too, with an intuitive dashboard, straightforward visuals and reporting capabilities.


Compliance ReportingZoneFox Compliance Reporting supports GDPR, HIPAA and ISO 270001 – to name but a few. Organisations finally have a simple, reliable regulatory compliance solution that supports delivery.

Efficient, effective data security
  • Out-of-the-box support for GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA and PCI DSS, with “ready-to-go” policies
  • Rapidly respond to data loss or security breaches with the audit-friendly investigation tool
  • Automated management reports demonstrate the compliance status by framework, allowing for simple reporting
  • Bespoke regimes allow you to tailor monitoring and reporting to suit your specific business requirements, only get reports on the frameworks you operate within

Our full forensic record, can quickly identify and answer key questions around an incident: Who was the perpetrator? What did they take? Where did the data go? When did this happen – and how? This not only enables you to provide the answers that your clients and partners will most likely want and need in a worst case scenario, it empowers you to fine-tune your security policies to your organisation’s concerns and existing behaviours. We call it past, present and future-proofing.

The second it’s up and running, ZoneFox starts recording all activities around your data, streaming only relevant data to the server, compiling a full forensic history of all user behaviour around your data on every ZoneFoxed device, and providing the ability to undertake a thorough forensics investigation in a matter of hours.


ForensicsIt’s impossible to respond to a breach in any meaningful way unless your team has full insight into what’s just happened. With actionable forensics by ZoneFox, your team has the intelligence they need to rapidly identify and answer key questions around an incident – and to provide the answers that your clients and partners will most likely want and need in a worst-case scenario.

Efficient, Effective Data Security
  • Full forensics timeline of information from every ZoneFox-ed endpoint provides quick, easy access to all the intelligence you need if the worst happens
  • Simple search interface to help your team quickly determine the actions needed to protect and safeguard your data
  • Straightforward, no-nonsense reporting means you can wrap up your investigation quickly and deliver the necessaries to anyone who needs them – easily meeting compliance reporting requirements and fulfilling response requirements
  • Metadata sent from the smart connector is never changed, only enhanced, so you get the detailed low-level forensic data and transformative insights that can really help boost your security posture

Protect employees, customers data – and your reputation – within minutes. Run flexible, customisable rules that are up and running at the click of a button. There’s also a smart list of pre-defined/out-of-the-box rules in the system so you can be up and running quickly, protecting your data straight away while you consider what needs to happen around your organisation’s specific needs. This is a quick and easy centralised rule-management set-up – no messing.


The ZoneFox rules-based engine is an easy-to-configure, proactive alerting tool that ensures you’re protecting your data in real time from the moment ZoneFox is deployed. Rapid setup, coupled with an off-the-shelf, ready-to-go rules set means your data benefit from instant protection against risky behaviour – while you take the time to craft your own rules and policies that perfectly align with your business needs.

Efficient, effective security
  • Ready-to-go rules, including files being uploaded to cloud providers, users uploading files via browser, endpoint machines terminating AV applications, and users downloading dark web browsers
  • Supports integration with Active Directory
  • Rapid deployment with out-of-the-box rules for ease of use
  • Real-time alerting on policy breaches so you can take the necessary action
  • Retrospective rules analysis – look back and see what events would have fired an alert, and start fine-tuning your own customized rules

Practical and pragmatic and supporting resource-stretched security teams, the Zonefox Analyst Report allows your team to access the knowledge and expertise of the ZoneFox security analysts, empowering fast security decisions so you can lock down threats, minimise risk around your business-critical data and implement effective, efficient planning to protect your organisation.

Analyst Reporting

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