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Protecting the Education Sector

Keep your educational data safe and secure from the latest ransomware attacks

With education facilities unfortunately becoming a greater target for cyber-attacks, it's important to understand where these attacks are getting in and how to prevent them. NCSC's latest alert update identifies three key areas to look; we provide the technology to help.


The three biggest cyber threats to education, as identified by the National Cyber Security Centre, are all defendable with EveryCloud’s solutions.

The Challenge

The rise of Office 365 and G Suite means Business Email Compromise (BEC) is now the biggest cyber threat to organisations. As BEC attacks do not use malicious links or attachments, they bypass traditional defences.

Our Solution
  • Mailbox-Level Phishing Protection – Flag commonly used BEC language such as requests for banking details or language emphasising task urgency or reciprocity.
  • Protect and Train Users – Straightforward banners alert employees of probable threats which they can report with a single click for automated analysis, even on mobile devices.
  • Know Who’s Sending What – Work from the inside out by building unique profiles for each employee based on communication history, content analysis (NLP), internal, external relationship profiles, and other metadata to detect anomalies.
The Challenge

In recent, attackers have logged in to services using guessed or stolen passwords, subsequently granting them the same permissions (sometimes privileged access) as the legitimate user.

Our Solution
  • Single Sign-On – Gain a single pane of glass to manage access across this complex user base, and can use group rules to ensure that the right people get access to the right resources.
  • Multi-factor Authentication – Adaptive MFA helps mitigate phishing attacks, which education is particularly vulnerable to, while also providing a variety of factor and even passwordless options to simplify the experience for end users such as students.
  • Automatic Off-Boarding – Automate access all the way from applicant to graduate to allow for granular control linked to your AD/LDAP or cloud-based directories.
The Challenge

Ransomware attacks can have a devastating impact on organisations, with victims requiring a significant amount of recovery time to reinstate critical services.

Our Solution
  • Endpoint Protection – Prevent infected hardware from being initiated in user’s devices by allowing administrators to set restrictions of the type of devices that can be connected.
  • Active Malware Protection – Quickly detecting and terminating ransomware is important. The faster the threat is stopped, the less time it has to encrypt and destroy files. Depending on how frequently you perform backups, you might only lose a couple of hours or days.
  • Disaster Recovery – Being able to get your facility back up and running quickly is critical. A Disaster Recovery plan allows you to access hot backups of your data within minutes to continue running smoothly and avoid unnecessary downtime.

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Further ransomware attacks on the UK education sector by cyber criminals

NCSC’s latest Alert identifies three key areas that education facilities are being hit in the most-recent ransomware attacks. An investigation is being launched into another increase in ransomware attacks against schools, colleges and universities in the UK.

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Since 2019, multiple vulnerabilities have been disclosed in a number of legacy VPN appliances. Ransomware actors exploit these vulnerabilities to gain initial access to targeted networks. Click below to learn how Netskope's Private Access can provide greater protection.

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