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Cloud Communications within the Legal sector

Keeping communications in the Legal Sector accessible for all

Working from anywhere has become a quick reality and making sure integral services, such as those in the legal sector, are easily accessible for their clients and employees is imperative.


The three challenges explained below show you just a few of the main concerns solvable with the correct solutions in place.

Timely Customer Service

The Challenge

Providing service to customers as soon as possible - if your clients are having to seek legal advice it’s often not a good time for them so being able to respond to their enquiries quickly, whether that’s via telephony or web is a vital part ensuring the anxiety that is generally felt when seeking legal advice is alleviated in a professional and timely manner.

Our Solution
  • Remote Access from any Location – Because the 8×8 solution is hosted in the cloud, employees can work from any location as long as they have internet, the mobile app also allows employees to quickly answer calls on any device and the ability to communicate remotely without having to rely on call forwarding keeps business running smoothly.
  • Call Quality and Reliability – High call quality and reliability are essential in this industry, which is what makes 8×8’s SLA of 99.9% of up time such a perfect fit, the most reliable in the industry and a benchmark for the future.
  • Business Continuity – 8×8 solutions are available through any browser, your communications solution operates securely without interruption. Calls can be forwarded to other sites, and can be moved by transporting your IP phones to any other site with an Internet connection.

Security and Compliance

The Challenge

When it comes to communication, security and compliance within the legal sector are paramount, and with standards continuously being raised in this area, having the best of breed technology is an essential part of a future proof business.

Our Solution
  • Compliance Evaluations 8×8 leads the market in security compliances and routinely submits to evaluations by independent auditors to verify uninterrupted compliance.
  • Failover Capability – 8×8 offers seamless failover capability for 8×8 phones. In the event of an issue with the data centre, communications automatically and seamlessly fail over to the next-closest data centre.
  • Responding to Security Threats – 8×8 own the whole technology stack, with one platform for voice, video, and chat, 8×8 services are developed with security in mind and assessments are continuously made for emerging vulnerabilities If fixes are needed, we can quickly resolve and communicate directly to customers without waiting on third party technology providers to patch their components.

Customer Experience

The Challenge

Quality Assurance and Customer Experience is a key focus for many organisations, especially within the Legal Sector. Providing new ways to effectively communicate to clients and having insights into the way our employees are communicating with them are essential in assessing areas that need to be improved and identifying gaps within business processes that otherwise can go unnoticed.

Our Solution
  • Omni Channel Communication – Siloed communication tools are a thing of the past, bring all communications seamlessly onto one platform to ensure the exchange of information is achieved effortlessly both internally and externally.
  • Speech Analytics – Understanding common issues, identifying knowledge gaps, finding calls missing “required phrases” are just a few of the just a few of the benefits achieved through 8×8 speech analytics.
  • Automated Reminders – Send instant notifications when the status of a case has changed to ensure your clients are kept in the loop, and provides the personal touch and peace of mind that your clients are continuously in the know.

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