Our Partner Netskope is a leading cloud access security broker that safely enables Office 365 by enabling enterprises to understand and prevent risky activities and protect against sensitive data loss and advanced threats.

At first glance, Netskope may appear similar to other CASBs. However, there are clear architectural advantages that enable Netskope to uniquely address key use cases. In the case of Office 365, Netskope enables you to secure all apps in the Office 365 suite. Other CASBs are limited to supporting only two to three apps such as OneDrive and SharePoint. In fact, Netskope is able to provide granular visibility and control for dozens of apps within the Office 365 suite. Other CASB solutions don’t even come close.

This ability to cover so many apps is made possible by Netskope’s patented approach to being able to decode in real-time at the API level all cloud transactions spanning thousands of cloud services whether they have published APIs or not.

Netskope understands rich contextual usage details about user, group, location, content, and activity and enables enterprises to leverage that information to secure usage.

In the case of Office 365, Netskope understands usage across dozens of apps in the Office 365 suite. In this example, let’s zoom into one of the apps, which is Power BI. Here we can see granular details and can take action such as granular policies, DLP, and threat protection.