You may have seen the news last week Cisco completed its acquisition of leading cloud data security company (and EveryCloud partner) CloudLock, first announced in June. CloudLock specialises in cloud access security broker technology – our field of expertise – to provide organisations with greater visibility, analytics and control around user behaviour and sensitive data in their cloud applications and services, such as Google Apps and Salesforce. This move by Cisco is completely understandable, further beefing up its security credentials in a “3-D world” – a world of ever more Data, more Devices and more Decentralised ways of working for a modern enterprise. As Cisco’s VP of Corporate Development said, CloudLock delivers security “built specifically to meet the realities of today’s Cloud-first enterprise.”

It was also interesting to read comments from VP of Cisco Security David Ulevitch immediately following news of the acquisition – comments that neatly align with the EveryCloud way of thinking: “In a new IT landscape marked by personal devices in the enterprise, users working outside the office, and more applications and data moving to the cloud,” Ulevitch said the number one question from customers is about security. People want to take advantage of “the increased agility and improved economics” the cloud brings “while still protecting their data, applications, and users. They want to re-establish the fundamental security best practices of visibility and control in a way that is cloud-friendly and cloud-first.”

The point he makes is that CloudLock adapts the traditional enterprise security approach for cloud purposes “without impacting [on] productivity or performance. CloudLock helps customers move to the cloud faster without sacrificing security.” That, in a nutshell, is what EveryCloud is about.