The cloud confidence consultants.

EveryCloud provides independent and impartial cloud security consultancy and implementation services.

Our aim is to make your business secure and cloud confident. To give you the security systems, software, and policies to grow and thrive.

We advise on all aspects of cloud security. Providing insight and recommendations on cloud access, identity management, and traditional web security services.

Because we’re truly independent, we’ll build your custom solution completely from scratch. And we’ll only use the software, tools, and protocols that fit your priorities, to help your business flourish.

How We Deliver – the EveryCloud Approach

We are your bridge to the world’s leading cloud access and security solutions: recommending and deploying the right providers, then monitoring and reporting on all services to ensure you benefit from protection that is consistently strong and that evolves in line with new risks and emerging threats.

We bring you the best protection at all times, with customised EveryCloud services to meet your precise requirements.


Revealing the true costs and risks you face – identify unsanctioned and shadow IT that will compromise security, harm your reputation and impact on profits

  • Security Assessment to discover all cloud apps
  • Shadow IT: reveal the true costs and risks
  • Locate sensitive and at-risk data
  • Understand imminent and long-term threats
  • Reduce costs, overlap and duplication


Creating the right cloud access, usage and security policies – and educate your people on the threats faced, raising awareness and changing behaviour

  • Find all cloud apps and usage
  • Report on enterprise readiness – identify risks
  • Report on sensitive data being shared
  • Formulate the right policies
  • Manage, restrict or deny access
  • Revoke sharing


Police and enforce your cloud access and security policies; monitoring, management and alerts to take action fast and ensure regulatory compliance

  • PCI and credit card security
  • Personal information, employee data
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Policy enforcement
  • Internal compliance
  • Confidential and sensitive data


Ongoing scrutiny and regular refresh of your cloud access, security and data protection policies through a cost-effective managed service

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Compromised accounts
  • Cloud malware
  • Highest security including encryption
  • Ongoing review and refresh of policies